Offshore Carousel Rollers

Brauer Ltd, manufactures and specialises in, heavy duty 'marine' and 'off-shore' carousel rollers and castors.

We have more than 90 years design and manufacturing experience and more than 15 years in the design of specialist carousel rollers.

The Brauer design supports a variety of heavy-loaded cable and pipe laying carousels in the gas, oil and wind energy industries. Whether vessel based or land based, Brauer has many years experience, since its first carousel project design in 2000.

Brauer's design of placing strategic geometric radius tread trapezoidal profiles within a castor housing assembly with mating angled base plate, which is specifically designed to maximise the contact zone of each individual radial supporting ring of the carousel.

Our attention to design detail, along with the sourcing of only the best materials, means 'Durable by Design' will return excellent load and life characteristics and meet the needs of the cable handling industry.

If you have a project or a problem which may require industrial wheels, rollers, castors or wheels please contact Brauer sales

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