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Airmiser Nozzles

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Brauer Airmiser nozzles can be fitted to the ends of standard air lines, blow guns or be part of a system. The airmiser amplifies the supplied compressed air by entraining ambient air making the Airmiser 30% to 50% more efficient than from standard compressed air line blow guns. The clever bit being there is no central compressed air through hole, as found in standard blow guns, the Airmiser re-diverts the air flow to entrain the ambient air, which not only makes it very efficient in air consuption but safer also. Such uses would be typically to eject parts, clean parts, clear debris, drying, cooling and many more workshop applications.

Airmiser Nozzles
Airmiser Nozzles
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Part No. A B C D  
A1 26 9.53 7 M5x0.8 CAD / BUY
A1L 26 9.53 7 M5x0.8 CAD / BUY
A2 66 18 11 G1/8 CAD / BUY
A3 AIRMISER 55 19 11 G1/8 CAD / BUY
A4 55 19 11 G1/4 CAD / BUY

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